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If you’re new here, please click here to get my FREE page investment banking recruiting guide – plus, get weekly updates so that you can break into investment banking. Thanks for visiting! For the investment banker, trophy wives are required due to both pride and necessity. Pride : What kind of rich, successful guy only has 1 wife? Necessity : Bankers always need to replenish their wife counts. Excessive drug usage, long hours, and constant travel means that multiple divorces are just as common as multiple wives. You might be under the impression that all investment bankers actually do cocaine on a regular basis. Being creatures of sloth, investment bankers love taking shortcuts to avoid actual work while making themselves look better in the process. Even Playboy Magazine came to the same conclusion recently: Buenos Aires is the preferred destination for newly unemployed bankers, especially those who have a nice nest egg saved up and ready to spend on beautiful Argentinian women. These threats are typically made either late at night in fits of anger, or during one of the 10 daily trips to Starbucks that are required in investment banking.

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Financial Stability Board consultation reveals deep divisions in financial sector over who should pay when clearing house fails with big losses. In a string of equity raises by UK small and mid-cap corporates, Investec has emerged as a bookrunner of choice for many of the transactions. You can personalise this section with content from your favourite sections e.

If you are new to the site please register or subscribe now to get started, or, if you have already registered then login to view your favourites. Bank of England estimates that the UK banking system is well capitalised enough to get through a severe recession. There is another type of wave building on the horizon — and it is lining up to challenge small business lenders in the U.

An insider’s top ten shocking revelations about Investment Bankers shiny, lucrative job in the City of London and spent fifteen years living and.

We are aware of a number of scams and attempted frauds through phone calls and emails claiming to be from a representative of J. Morgan offering an investment opportunity. Find out more about scams and fraud. We are recognized as one of the premier financial institutions in the United Kingdom, and provide our clients with a range of integrated services from across our franchises under both the J.

Within the region, J. Morgan has an unparalleled client base and leadership across the spectrum of financial services products. The regional head office in London is complemented by a strong regional footprint, with offices in all major financial centers. Globally, through the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, we make philanthropic investments in cities where we have major operations, assisting those at a disadvantage by helping them build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.

Morgan is a global leader in financial services, offering solutions to the world’s most important corporations, governments and institutions in more than countries. We also lead volunteer service activities for employees in local communities by utilizing our many resources, including those that stem from access to capital, economies of scale, global reach and expertise. With a legacy dating back to , we have a history of demonstrating leadership during times of both economic growth and financial instability.

The Bournemouth campus is the largest private sector employer in Dorset, offering technology and operational processing. The European Technology Center, based in Glasgow, is one of the largest technology employers in Scotland, with Edinburgh as the center for the Investor Services business.

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I hate reducing people to professions. But sometimes, a type is a type. What does surprise me is the number of creative types who float in — hair strewn, Converse mucky — demanding a straight-laced banker with a house in Chelsea and a healthy investment portfolio.

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We are a forward-looking membership organisation for finance and banking professionals looking to achieve their full career potential, helping to bolster female contribution to the industry along the way. Our events address the needs and aspirations of our institutional and personal members to develop, showcase and retain female talent and contribution.

Join us and learn. We recognise those leading the industry. We celebrate our members. Our annual awards ceremony is the most sought-after event of the year, offering our members and supporters the chance to honour achievement. Your members area lets you update your account, shows your upcoming events, and interact with other WIBF members. Shortlist Announced. Discover Learn Celebrate Log in. Join now. Log in Forgotten your password? Achievement Awards 25th June Shortlist Announced.

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Since early , Orcel has been linked to taking over as CEO at a variety of financial institutions including starting his own boutique investment bank. Born in Rome, Italy , Orcel attended the University of Rome, Sapienza , graduating with degrees in economics and commerce. Orcel is a controversial figure in European business and international banking.

The Co-operative Bank provides personal banking services including current accounts, credit cards, online and mobile banking, personal loans, savings and.

Most junior bankers aren’t in steady relationships. However, it might just be an age thing. It’s very difficult to find time for the continuity that a relationship requires. It was ok to start with, but then they’d want to see me more and my lack of availability became an issue. What can you do, then, to get through the lonely years?

None of us are dating each other.

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Financial crises have a habit of festering during the dog days of summer. As the WSJ points out , the last 30 days have been calmer than at any point since on the U. S stock market. Hit the beach, literally nothing is happening. No bother then. Michael Fuchs, a close ally of Angela Merkel, said yesterday that trying to gain concessions for the City will be a tough ask and rules will not be bent.

Founded in , the Bank was incorporated in its present form in as a private on this website is accurate as of the stated date, Bank Audi does not warrant, nor Bank Audi Reinforces Its Financial Positioning Bk Audi GDR London.

Heard the one about the City banker who gave bar staff an impromptu champagne shower? Or the Canary Wharf trader who played women as fast and loose as he did commodities markets? Everyone has a tale of London’s debauched high-fliers rampaging in the type of excessive revelry mere mortals either sigh at in disgust or smirk at with subtle admiration.

Brash, verbose and wildly wealthy, London’s high earners might not be your typical sob story, but some employees working for the Masters of the Universe make up London’s loneliest hearts club band. Entrepreneur Nana Wereko-Brobby saw an opportunity in hapless romantics and set up Social Concierge , an invite-only club that pits similarly ambitious and well-off clients together at some of London’s swankiest venues in the hope they will find love.

But isn’t the year-old scared she might be arming London’s wide-boys with the dating skills that could create a pin-striped Frankenstein? Wereko-Brobby told IBTimes UK the City’s cocaine carnivores are mainly extinct and some of the capital’s top earners are now looking to settle down. There is a lack of understanding of how the industry has changed over time. People assume it is still overrun by bankers getting into trouble and behaving awfully.

But it isn’t. I became quite obsessed with the dating scene. It is so different to London’s. Over here it takes about two hours for people to warm up but in New York there is a confidence when it comes to dating,” Wereko-Brobby said. If that happened in London people would think “you’re an absolute freak!

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Date My Family Nigeria: She calls herself DJ Trouble; she’s also a banker in London. Mariam calls herself Oluwatrouble, and she’s looking for a.

Recently, this email came in to the blog: “My boyfriend of two years has just started as a graduate in a major bank, and I’ve found it difficult to understand his new life. It is so bizarre. Your blog has helped me to understand the finance culture somewhat. A few weeks later we meet at a Starbucks for coffee. She is in her early 20s, a fast-talking, cheerful woman of south-east Asian descent.

I don’t understand how she can be okay with all the late nights and going to social events on her own, and generally being with someone who is always somewhere else. Why is she making excuses for him? Why doesn’t she fight back, why doesn’t she say, ‘I deserve someone who’s there for me’? She seems to have a very traditional view of how women should behave.

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I was fast asleep when I heard a crash. Assuming it was my boyfriend coming to bed late, as he had been doing for the last week or so during a tough period at work, I half-opened one eye and was confused by the light pouring through the blinds. Was there a lamppost pointing through the window? Had the clocks changed in some unexpected and mysterious way? What if he does cocaine off the conference room table?

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