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Abstract : Information systems IS pedagogy research supports the use of collaborative learning strategies that are based on the belief that learning increases when students work together to solve problems and develop cooperative learning skills. In this paper, we present an empirical comparison of two classroom design approaches – a ‘speed dating‘ method and a traditional presentation format. We collected and analysed data from student questionnaire-based surveys and in-class researcher observations of student engagement in an undergraduate senior capstone course entitled, ‘Innovation in Information Systems’.

Our results show increases in student engagement reported and observed and improvements in student-driven feedback given and received during the speed dating sessions as compared to the presentation sessions. We believe these findings demonstrate that the speed dating method is an effective alternative to a presentation format and is a useful complement to other collaborative learning methodologies. Keywords : information systems education; collaborative learning strategies; speed dating method; presentation format; active learning; student-driven feedback; student-driven engagement.

FYHE Speed Dating: Active and Transferable Teaching Approaches for Active learning, as presented in this session, is a key underlying principle of student.

In Effective Teaching Strategies. January 20, Jacqueline S. Hodes EdD. The panel discussion is a valuable, time-tested teaching technique used in classrooms of all types to help students understand the experiences of a particular group of people. My previous experiences facilitating successful panel discussions led me to believe that a panel would be a good method to use here. It was not. In an effort to create a panel that represented a diversity of functions and practitioners, I ended up with too many panelists and, consequently, an ineffective exercise.

As the instructor and panel moderator, one has to manage the questions from the class as well as rein in the excitement and enthusiasm of the panel participants to impart their wisdom.

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Teaching and Online Instruction. The truth is, we learn more effectively when we learn with more than just our ears and eyes — active learning strategies in the classroom allow students to form educational memories that are linked with their bodies, their emotions, and their social skills. Learning can happen in many ways, but when we give students the opportunity to learn in different contexts, we give them a long-term advantage in their educational pursuits.

In this project, we present an empirical comparison of two active learning classroom approaches – the speed dating method and a traditional.

Are you using active learning strategies in your classroom? It is no great secret that students who are actively engaged in learning learn more and create fewer behavior management problems. We love active learning strategies that can be used in any curriculum area and across different grade levels. Here are four of our favorite active learning strategies. Each strategy can be completed in minutes. This strategy works as a strategy to get students ready to learn new content or as a way to review what they have read or discussed.

It is a good warm-up and generally takes minutes. Which mammals have you seen in person? Why do you think slaves joined the confederate army? How do you think you would have reacted to finding an abused dog? What are some different ways to great someone in Spanish 1 st year Spanish.

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Speed dating. This activity allows students to talk to a maximum number of classmates in a short time. To begin, have your class form two concentric circles.

For years, students walked into class expecting a lecture by their professor, supplemented with a PowerPoint presentation and additional readings. However, emerging trends toward innovative teaching methods have persuaded many YSN professors to embrace new approaches, with the aim of improving the overall educational experience for students. In team-based learning, students are provided PowerPoint presentations or other lectures before in-person class meetings.

During class time, students are given a set of questions they are required to answer on their own, then in separate groups, then as a class. This scenario allows students the ability to interact with one another in a more active and collaborative manner, explaining and defending their personal answers to questions, as well as their group conclusions. The dialogue between and among the teams sets the stage for the opportunity for transformational learning.

Each pharmacist was responsible for a specific topic, ranging from asthma to antibiotics. The students were rotated around tables with experts and picked up pearls of wisdom in the pharmacological management and treatment of patients with specific problems. In this project, she enlisted the help of student actors from Yale to pose as patients. Wearing the Google Glasses and recording live first-person video, the actors posed as patients with a specific problem and were interviewed by YSN students.

After they watched themselves, the students had the opportunity to critique their performance. Overwhelmingly, students enjoyed the process and opportunity to reflect on their interview methods.

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My previous experiences dating successful panel discussions led activity to believe that a panel classroom be a good method to use here. Dating was not. In an enhance to create a panel that represented a diversity of functions and practitioners, I ended up with too many classroom and, consequently, an ineffective exercise.

This will be our second “speed dating” event, where you can meet with teacher in the classroom led naturally to dialogue and active learning.

Professor Taylor took over co-ordination of the class for academic year As the class content and modes of assessment had not changed for several years, it was decided to undertake a thorough revision. While maintaining the theoretical emphasis that had characterised the module and was an undoubted strength, innovation involved a lecture programme more focused on the application of theory to the empirical domain. At this session, six trade union officers and reps were invited to attend.

Students then visit another table and so on. On the basis of the notes taken, students were obliged to complete a report which answered that general question. This report constituted the final assessed assignment of the class. The student evaluation forms provide strong evidence of the success of the class and, in particular, the validity and appropriateness of the overall objective of the class. Perhaps the biggest challenge was re-assuring students in advance that this exercise would stretch them positively but would not prove over-demanding of them.

Is “Speed Dating” More Engaging than Serial Presentations?

This strategy was shared by Jenni Lodwick at the last Breakfast Bring and Brag, as a way to make revision more fun, but without losing the challenge. Over to Jenni…. It is a different way to get students engaged in revision while allowing me to see who has done some revision and who needs a gentle reminder. Then each couple rolls two dice to get a number from 2 to Each of these numbers corresponds to a question or part of the syllabus which I display on the board.

Half an hour is about the right length of time otherwise they start to get bored.

course due to the vast amount of information that students are required to learn​. which is loosely based off the premise of the adult game of “speed dating.

Teaching Inclusively in the Classroom. Students are more likely to persist and succeed when they engage course content and one another in their learning. Diversity in the classroom promises learning opportunities for all, but diversity without equity and inclusion can work to hinder conversations and student learning. Participants in this session will discuss ways to address some of the issues that hinder conversation—including stereotype threat, microaggressions, and bias in the classroom—and will also discuss ways to encourage every student to actively contribute and feel included in the learning process.

Speed-Dating with Learning Technologies. Are you wondering about where and how these new objectives will be expressed in your courses or programs? Resources will be shared at the session to help you incorporate the Profiles into your assignments, learning experiences, courses and programs. Teaching inclusively online. The online course, and particularly large online courses, present greater challenges to help students connect to one another and to the instructor, making it more difficult to cultivate an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students.

Participants in this session will discuss ways in which instructors might create and scale up inclusive teaching practices that work well for larger and smaller groups of online students, and will discuss ways to help every student feel included in the learning process. Follow-up Forum: Faculty importance in student persistence and success. This forum session builds on the ideas of the keynote presentation Importance of Faculty in Student Persistence and Success. Associate Faculty Teaching Forum Sessions.

Associate Faculty Teaching Forum Sessions

I this post I share my preparations for this event. Please feel free to use this to help you organise a similar event at your own school or workplace. Each had been asked to bring something to share which they could describe or show another teacher in 30 seconds bring and brag of good practice.

Marcy Slapcoff and Eva Dobler, TLS. Page 1. Active Learning Strategies. Academic. “speed dating“1. “Students move at a brisk clip through several face-to​-face.

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By Stephanie Mitchell. Interested in teaching a Carthage Symposium but unclear how to find a partner? The event will be held at p. The Carthage Symposium Committee is dedicated to making it easier and more fun to collaborate with a colleague on building a Carthage Symposium course. During the event, we play a game of musical chairs, in which you will have a few minutes to introduce yourself and chat with each of the other participants.

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Many faculty members already are using two-step login Duo for HR and financial systems. Consider setting this up now, and get used to having your Duo device phone or token handy when you go to your classroom. Instructors will walk through steps to re-design a class of their choice for flipped learning and will explore active learning strategies. Join the Indiana higher education community to explore the tools that promote student learning.

Being able to talk about teaching experiences and philosophies is necessary for the academic job market. Workshop participants will listen to a brief explanation of common interview questions and job committee expectations.

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