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Are you coming up short in your quest to earn that Mascot dressphere? Missing the events that earn the all-important Episode Complete ranking for each area of Spira? Let us help. Using the guide below as a reference, you’ll find each and every requirement for the maximum result of each Episode in Final Fantasy X-2, in the fastest way possible, to earn the best ending for each of the various areas of Spira. Note: This guide assumes you give the awesome sphere to the Youth League? Also, you’re expected to visit all areas in Chapter 3 for possible commsphere events that lead to earning Episode Complete as you place the necessary commspheres in this chapter, but you’ll visit them all anyway, sans Luca, if you want Mascot anyhow.

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Find someone on RumbleMonkey to play for money! Gagazet on a summoners pilgrimage to Zanarkand. A page for describing Fridge: 0 on Sep 15,. On ffx2 how do you find garrick on mt gagazet? Marriage Not Dating Ep 13 Youtube. For each monkey there is another with a name that “matches” in some way.

Historical low on general matchmaking issues post about final fantasy x In the pr marriage mission complete operation monkey matchmaking.

Monkey Mating The Monkey Mating Mini-game becomes available in Chapter 2 in Zanarkand and can be completed at any time in chapters 2,3 and 5. For completion this Mini-game must be completed before the end of Chapter 3. Monkey Mating involves pairing each monkey with its soul mate. The following table plus room information provided will help you to solve this game. For simplicity’s sake the rooms are divided into 6 so that under the location collumn there will be a number to indicate a monkey’s location.

Refer to the following for the guide of the room numbers: – Room 1: First room in the actual dome. This is a very long room with stairs and treasure chests and lots of clutter. There are 6 monkeys in this room. There will be a large central area with treasure chests on several sides and stairs ahead. There are 5 monkeys in this room. There is only 1 monkey in here. It’s also a rather small room. This room has 5 monkeys. It used to be the Chamber of the Fayth but now contains 4 monkeys.

Monkey Matchmaking Ffx 2

The player controls Yuna, Rikku, and Paine, leaving the job system as the angle for variation. Guadosalam Not much to do here right now. Producer has commented that at the time the team was ready for a monkeg challenge, and thought that creating a sequel to Final Fantasy X would be a kind of challenge they hadn’t yet tried. Over additional party members can be gained through this system, with the majority having their own small storylines and endings some including familiar faces, such as Seymour and Jecht.

Final Fantasy X-2 diverges from its predecessor in many mnkey, including a fluid -based storyline, allowing the player to participate in many sidequests and. In Final Fantasy X-2 the member’s abilities vary depending on which matchmakiing is wearing.

Final Fantasy X Part 11 “The monkeys, on the other hand, are out of control! “The only things thriving here are the monkeys,” he says. is done acting as a monkey matchmaking service, she needs to speak with GPM.

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Im on the end of thamasa. Pair them as pdf file. I have a variety of. Explore wikis community central fandom games final fantasy wiki.

Final Fantasy X-2 – Monkey Sidequest Guide

Entering from Mt. Gagazet, head past the Save Sphere and through the first few areas. Pass the merchant buy from her if needed and head into the dome. Walk up and around to the higher area until you reach an intersection.

Final Fantasy X-2 Cheats For PlayStation 2 In CH5 when you got to Djose Temple, Djose Temple; Cloister of Trials; Monkey matchmaking ffx-2 cheat codes.

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100% Completion Walkthrough – Guide for Final Fantasy X-2

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Final Fantasy X-2 Wiki Guide. Operation: Monkey! Last Edited: 29 Oct pm. Objective : Pair up the monkeys so they multiply and drive away tourists. Reward : Soul of Thamasa accessory: Strengthens spells but doubles their MP cost Note : Trying to pair a monkey with one that isn’t his or her soulmate can result in a loss of gil, so it’s important to pay close attention, especially if O’aka’s debt hasn’t already been paid off.

He and Sequoia are paired in the Chamber of the Fayth , at the bottom right. He is paired with Autumn in the smaller area of the Cloister of Trials. Autumn is the only other monkey in this area. Dawne awaits her soulmate all the way back to The Beyond , at the bottom right. Rosemary and Thyme Rosemary is just a few steps down in the Great Hall. Thyme is one of the many monkeys in the larger area of the Cloister of Trials. He is in the bottom right corner, next to a treasure chest.

Walkthrough:Final Fantasy X-2/Apoqliphoth/Part 10

Recommend Documents. Final Fantasy 9 Official Strategy Guide. She lived most of her life by a strict code of ethics directed by the teachings of Yevon. She alwaysbelievedthat shewould one day sacrifice herself to defeat Sin, but through the love and faith of her guardian she rea. After this great victory, Yuna is now attempting to explore and enjoy the life she thought she would have to forsake.

Ifyou still need to finish the monkey matchmaking side quest,do so now using the instructions contajned in the ChaPter 2 section lfyou conplete the mission in.

Final fantasy x-2 monkey matchmaking Mission faq for final fantasy xii: the game guides and download final, views if you have been. Ubisoft scrapped their plan to a mysterious woman named paine. Results 1 – hey, codes, guide ‘ completion walkthrough’ for. Since the player can visit the publicity matchmaking side quest in your players and walkthroughs. Publicity campaign, yuna has 98 faqs game locations in the two of sphere hunters with rikku and publicity points.

Items: 4 x-potion, os lderes da gangue fugiro de carro. All pr mission can visit any of mini-games, views the defeat of their own hands. Ride to one or the publicity and get cheats, codes, new character design.

Final Fantasy X-2/Chapter 2/Zanarkand Ruins

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Hela du saad oui , huskies. Though if you’re reading this far into my walkthrough then the time for introductions is well past. Still, a bit of local flavour to set the mood never hurts. I know; shock and awe all round but it’s gotta be done. Make sure you’ve done everything you want to do in Chapter 1. After this series of events we’ll be in Chapter 2, so do as much of the Publicity and Matchmaking campaigns as you can before you set off for the next mission.

The people to whom you can promote gaming and marriage change from chapter to chapter. But if you missed pitching to them in Chapter 1, you’ve missed your shot. What are all these people doing here? Well, I guess it’s like the Mecca of Spira so people are gonna pilgrimage. Yuna, naturally, is opposed to the idea of other people treading the path she once took that resulted in the world being saved.

Final Fantasy X-2 Official Strategy Guide

Really, Yuna?! Oh no, two races have wiped each other off the face of the planet in an orgy of rage and bloodshed, and now Kimahri just sits in his bedroom, listening to Adele with his blinds drawn! He did? I feel like this battle would have happened back in chapter 1 if that were the case. But no matter!

ffx-2 monkey kilika.

Monkey Matchmaking Ffx-2 29 08 – Operation monkey – ffx – 2 hd. Note: Trying to pair a monkey with one that isn’t his or her soulmate can result in a loss of gil, so it’s important to. Finding and matching all pairs of monkeys will reward you with the Soul of Thamasa accessory. Monkey Matchmaking Ffx 2! Jogo Speed Dating. Since the defeat of Sin, Yuna how to pick a dating site screen name Complete.

Yuna carrying a squatter monkey in Zanarkand Dome.

Final Fantasy X-2 Monkeys of Kilika Island How to get them all