Handmade Memories: Vintage Aloha Shirts on Hawai‘i

Real vintage aloha shirts detected in the details. In this day when the word “vintage” is overused, abused and has nearly lost all meaning, it’s an increasing challenge to be a clothing collector. Whether shopping on eBay, in a vintage shop or a thrift store, reliable guidelines for determining the correct age and provenance of a garment can be a godsend. Although Callaway resides in southern Oregon, he lived in Hawai’i as a child and his wife, Maureen, is a local girl. While Callaway is a relative newcomer to collecting aloha shirts, he did his homework and talked to many of the world’s experts on the subject. Callaway made many mistakes in his early days of collecting aloha shirts, and he is not afraid to share embarrassing stories of his misadventures in purchasing frauds. His anecdotes provide a cautionary tale for collectors. Callaway describes and illustrates how to identify a true vintage shirt by inspecting it for details that help determine its true age, including such telltales as collar lengths, horizontal button holes, coconut buttons, top stitching and perfectly matched pockets. Photographs and descriptions of labels take up pages of the book.

Hawaiian Labels

Available for: dogs men women kids Each item sold s A timeless Hawaiian print shirt featuring thatched huts, woody vans and surfboards. Available for: dogs men women kids Eac Vintage wash Hawaiian print shirt featuring hibiscus flowers, leafy palms and flamingos.

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How to Date Clothing as Vintage

No item of clothing better represents spring, summer, and endless days of sunshine than the Hawaiian shirt. Instead, channel the Retro feel of a classic Aloha shirt with versions that have a thoroughly modern twist. Read on to find out where to get the best Hawaiian shirts now, from cheaper versions meant for relaxing to smarter, more elevated styles that can be dressed-up with a blazer for work or a date.

Amazon is chock full of cheap Hawaiian shirts at such great prices that you could end up with one for every day of the week.

These are from The Hawaiian Shirt – Steel These are from Hawaiian Shirt Designs – Schiffer Courtesy of black*dahlia*vintage – 50’s Sun Swim Suit.

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Spring 2019’s Hawaiian Shirt Trend Is Already Dad Approved

Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I have looked thru google images and here is current and completed auctions. I cannot find any shirts with a tag like mine. Can anyone help? At first glance, that def.

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You might know them as Hawaiian shirts, but in Hawaii, they go by a different name: aloha shirts. And they have come a long way since the days when your always-golfing uncle tried to look like Magnum, P. Today, they’re not just worn by businessmen in Hawaii: Hawaiian-inspired patterns are showing up in department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman , and labels such as Prada , Saint Laurent , and Uniqlo have featured pieces this year.

It seems the storied style — once seen as the equivalent of mom jeans for men — is rising from the ashes. Aloha shirts go back as far as the s and have bounced between being cool and hideous for decades. In mid-century, as tiki culture raged through the country , celebrities like Elvis, Shirley Temple and Bing Crosby, as well as President Nixon, all donned the style, and it became emblematic of a happy, more relaxed attitude.

President Nixon at a luau in Hilo, Hawaii.

Silk or Rayon Aloha shirts? – Oahu Forum

From the earliest years when missionaries decided the native Hawaiian nakedness wasn’t proper, the garment industry in Hawaii grew to be one of the most unique in the world. For tourists, these now vintage Hawaiian shirts became reminders of the carefree days on the beach, of hula girls dancing around a fire, or surfers riding the waves, or time spent just admiring the palm trees and unparalleled Hawaiian scenery. The preservation of memory is why the shirts produced became highly collected works of art displaying the flora, fauna, customs, traditions and history of the islands in a bold and colorful style that has lived on to this day.

The special attention and detail found in a vintage Hawaiian shirt makes owning one a true pleasure. This short guide to vintage Hawaiian shirts will help give you confidence in your ability to identify a vintage Hawaiian shirt in a world full of reproductions and new issues. With these simple guidelines below, anybody can learn how to identify a vintage aloha shirt with ease.

Dating vintage hawaiian shirts. Retro vintage clothing london, rokit vintage clothes shops online. Men’s Vintage Shirts: 50ss – Sazz Vintage Clothing. The ET had.

Click here to shop hundreds more vintage Hawaiian shirts! Megan Marshall layers a Hawaiian shirt over a mock-neck tee for a solid transitional outfit, perfect for spring or fall. Loosely tuck your Hawaiian shirt into a pair of trousers like Enea Nastri to put a business spin on your outfit. With biker shorts all the rage, Christian Meltzer added a large Hawaiian shirt on top to play with dimension and volume.

One of a kind vintage Hawaiian shirts. Hawaiian Shirts. And the Birth of Casual Friday. There are few pieces of clothing that the average person gets more worked up about than the Hawaiian Shirt, also known as the Aloha Shirt.

Aloha shirt

Some people find them gaudy, others consider them tacky, but few things represent Hawaiian culture better than the Hawaiian Aloha shirt. Its history comes from a variety of cultural sources, whose multiplicities are appropriately represented by the patchwork nature of the colorful shirts themselves. For fans and budding collectors, one of the first questions is what to call them—are they Hawaiian shirts or Aloha shirts? The answer, it turns out, depends on where you live.

When Honolulu’s Ellery Chun invented the shirts in , they were known as Aloha shirts, and they continue to be called Aloha shirts on the islands today.

Wholesale offering of men’s vintage Hawaiian shirts, dating from the late s thru the s, sold by the bundle. We grade these classic tikki tropical shirts for​.

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Vintage Hawaiian Shirts

Post a comment. Top menu Home. In the early times, the apparel industry in Hawaii grew to be one of the most unique across the globe.

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Sadly over the years my collection of vintage Aloha shirts has dissolved into a pile of coconut shell buttons. Is there any place where you can still find the vintage shirts? If so, about how much can you expect to pay for one? Not necessarily a totally outrageous one, but maybe a moderately outrageous one. I can’t help you, but your post reminded me of the one Montgomery Clift wore in From Here to Eternity.

Love that shirt! I would call this the Mother Ship – although I have found some wonderful shirts at rummage sales in Hawaii! You can find new shirts with vintage patterns. Kahala brand is a family favorite. I should also add that antique stores in Hawaii also can have a good selection. A couple of my more favorite shirts from old included drooling dogs giving the fish eye to palm trees and one covered with giant pineapples dancing with hula girls.

I found both of those to be tasteful enough to wear to even the most formal occassions. In pretty sad shape, but I will never part with them.

Chad Blair: Do Aloha Shirts Win Campaigns In Hawaii?

Johnson proves the shirt’s ultimate sartorial power by pairing it with two pieces every guy owns in black jeans and clean white kicks. A floral print shirt like this will be the bright spot—literally—in any look anchored with dark layers. While a Hawaiian print shirt is usually the highlight of a guy’s look this time of year, Harden also proves it can be the ideal base layer to a summer-ready outfit. If you’re wondering just what to wear with a Hawaiian print shirt, follow Quinto’s lead and opt for trousers that compliment one of the colors within your shirt’s print.

Do like the Canadian pop star currently in his Joe Dirt phase and wear a loose island-themed shirt over your slouchiest pair of trousers.

Island Chopper Mens Hawaiian Aloha Shirt in Rust Vintage Hawaiian Shirts, Prospect Road is a delightful Liberty of London design dating from Inspired by.

The Aloha shirt, also referred to as a Hawaiian shirt, is a style of dress shirt originating in Hawaii. From the warm, romantic days of old Hawaii, Paradise Found brings you the islands most authentic designs of nostalgic and modern Aloha shirts and dresses. We also have the capability in Oahu, HI to provide large quantities of Hawaiian shirts for groups such as swim teams, company parties, beach parties, conventioneers World’s most antique aloha shirt brand in business for over 70 years.

Cool, comfortable and casual, Aloha shirts are perfect for that Sunday beach barbecue, a night out at the movies, or just lounging around, making them perfect almost any time on the islands and a great way to remember paradise when you’re back home. The full size versions were worn by some priests during various ceremonies and also by ocean canoe paddlers. Aloha shirts were popularized via Western popular Throw a lei around your neck and slip on that hula skirt as we take a look at Hawaiian shirts in the movies.

The “aloha shirt” has been around for nearly a century, and has a history nearly as colorful as its vibrant floral prints. Ever wondered how the bold n colourful Hawaiian shirt came about? We’ve got a potted history, right here:. There have been numerous stories, fictions, and outright half-truths that have been perpetuated about the origins of the Hawaiian Shirt known more popularly as the Aloha Shirt in Hawaii.

From what I gather, Watumull continued to manufacture clothing under the Royal Hawaiian label, although I do not know for how long. Paradise Found carries on the Hawaiian tradition by manufacturing the highest quality, most authentic versions of the islands favorite designs. Admirable vintage Hawaiian Shirts, famous for their elegant retro prints, will definitely catch the eyes of collectors. It covered the whole history of aloha attire and the goal was to place the aloha shirt in a chronological perspective.

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